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Cellar Door Stories!!! 

Well the day has finally come!  The first song of this dusty old idea is about to make its way into your ears.  First track to show its face is "Barely Breathing".  I wrote this song years ago.  Its pretty obvious what its about.  We've all had our break ups.  We've all had our moments when the world is falling apart because of it.  We've all thought that life as we knew it would never be the same.  That is what Barely Breathing is about;  an overly dramatic view point on the bitter end of a bad relationship.

Barely Breathing will be available for download right here this Friday, February 19th.....2021!  Go to the "Music" section and you'll find an mp3 version of it patiently waiting for you to download.  Please do so, and help me build my way back into the studio for my 2nd studio single.